Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's True!

My first week on my grocery budget I went shopping at Super Walmart.  You know, the place where the slogan is, "Save Money, Live Better".  That first week I spent $59.61,  $8.45 under budget.  I decided that I should "shop" around, but after going $23.61 over budget at Harris Teeter, I decided I should give Super Walmart another try.  So this past Friday, coupons and grocery list in hand.  I fought my way through the Super Walmart parking lot to attempt another weekly grocery run.  Turns out that this time I spent a total of $59.34, $5.66 under budget.  I'm sensing a pattern here!  As much as I loathe shopping at Walmart it really seems as though it is less expensive.  Looks like they are saving us money.  However, I don't feel they allow me to live better.  I live pretty well on my own thankyouverymuch!  For that $59.34 this is what I got for the weeks meals:

  • Chicken, Chicken
  • Chicken Pot Pie Pockets
  • Grown Up Bacon Mac n' Cheese
  • Chicken Salad

Chicken, Chicken

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  If you are not signed up, do so.  I warn you though, it is addicting!  There is a bevy of great recipes to be had.  This recipe was OK, I doubt I'll make it again.  Edible, but nothing to crave.

Find the recipe here.

Chicken Pot Pie Pockets

Find the recipe here.

These were good, but I don't have a picture of them because they were by no means pretty.  I thought using my popover pan would be helpful, but the cups were just too deep (or the biscuits were not big enough).  So I would suggest using the regular muffin tin.

Grown Up Bacon Mac n' Cheese

Find the recipe here.

This was really good!  Very cheesy and the bread crumbs added a yummy crunch.  I tweeked 2 things, 1. I added Italian Panko breadcrumbs (extra crunchy) and 2. I used in the jar bacon bits.  (I just didn't feel like dirtying up another pan)